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2017 Team Trial Selection Criteria
USA Marathon Team Athlete Selection
References to Sections ICF Marathon Racing Rules are noted in ( ).
World Championship Team
The MSD will select athletes to the World Championship Team from athletes who compete at Marathon Team Trials in the categories listed below. The team will be selected from the 1st and 2nd place athletes that complete the Team Trials course within the time standards listed below. Additionally, up to ten competitors per class meeting the time standards will be named to the USA National Team and will be eligible to race in any international events that the USA World Championship Team chooses not to attend, in order of finish.

Selection to the World Championship Team is restricted to the following classes: 

  • Men                    K1, K2, C1, and C2
  • Women               K1 and K2
  • Junior Men          K1, K2 and C1
  • Junior Women    K1, K2 and C1
  • U-23 Men            K1 and C1
  • U-23 Women       K1

​World Championships allow 2 entries per class per country.

Alternates in singles events will be ranked based on order of finish at Trials from athletes who complete the course within the minimum time standard. 

Alternates in doubles events will be selected as follows: 

If both members of a double boat decline their spot, the next doubles boat which met the time standard would be offered the position. If one member of a double declines his/her spot, the highest ranked single paddler in the same category singles event (i.e. a vacancy in a senior K-2 is filled by an alternate from the Senior K-1 finish list) will be offered the spot, in order of finish at Trials. If a vacancy in a C-2 occurs, the next highest single paddler in the same category singles event on the opposite side will be offered the spot in order of finish.

Selectors will recommend a team using the criteria below to ascertain who is eligible for the team, based on order of finish. Selectors will have the ability to make recommendations or adjustments based on adverse conditions or other unforeseen circumstances and present the final team for approval to the ICF Coordinator, Marathon Chair and Vice Chair. The decision of the ICF Coordinator, Marathon Chair and Vice Chair will be final. If the team status of a Selector or the ICF Coordinator, Marathon Chair or Vice Chair is affected by a decision, that person will be excluded from the vote on that particular decision.

Time Standards 
  • Category                    Pace (Km/hr)
  • Senior K1 Men             12.1
  • Senior K2 Men            12.9
  • Senior K1 Women        10.8
  • Senior K2 Women        11.4
  • Senior C1 Men            10.2
  • Senior C2 Men            11.0
  • Junior K1 Men            11.9
  • Junior K2 Men            12.8
  • Junior C1 Men            10.0
  • Junior C2 Men
  • Junior K1 Women        10.6
  • Junior K2 Women        11.2
  • Senior C1 Women        9.1
  • Senior C2 Women        9.9
  • Junior C1 Women        TBD
  • Junior C2 Women        TBD
  • Masters K1 Men           TBD*
  • Masters K2 Men          TBD*
  • Masters K1 Women     TBD*
  • Masters K2 Women     TBD*

Under 23 must meet the same time standards pace as seniors, but only need to complete the U-23 World Championship distance for their event. 

Currently the ICF does not offer Women’s Canoe classes at World Championships. The ICF Marathon Racing Competition Rules does however recognize Women’s Canoe classes (4). USACK will designate a Women’s Canoe Team. Time standards will be determined in accordance with the method used to determine other Senior time standards. 

The ICF does not mandate a maximum team size for Masters’ World Championships and athletes do not have to meet a minimum time standard to compete. Masters’ entries must however be coordinated and submitted through USACK Marathon Division. Although time standards are not required to compete as a master it may be helpful for training purposes to have a pace as a training goal. MSD will develop master’s time standards to be used as training guidelines. 

Marathon Selection Committee Guidelines 

To recommend the best marathon athletes to represent the USA based on their results at Trials. 

The Selectors:
Selection to the World and US Teams will be done by 3 selectors approved by the MSD. At least one Selector must be present at Trials and all three should be present if possible. Selectors must include 2 experienced marathon paddlers and one MSD standing committee member. It is highly recommended that at least one selector have access to a laptop computer at trials to facilitate calculation of time standards. Results of all Trials events should be posted as soon as possible. Announcement of team members will be made within five days of the event (sooner if possible but determination of team eligibility should not delay posting of race results). 

The nominated selectors must be experienced paddlers that understand the dynamics of trials and marathon racing with regards to slip riding, group tactics and regional politics as well as the effects of weather conditions or equipment failure that could affect accurate results. 

Selectors are to use the minimum criteria (standard) to recommend athletes for the team and for the alternates. 

Selectors will need to submit an explanation to the committee in the following situations: 
  • an athlete does not achieve the minimum standard and is recommended for the team 
  • an athlete achieves the minimum standard, places in 1st or 2nd and is not recommended for the team. 

In the event of any occurrence during the first 1,000 meters interfering with a fair race (collision, broken equipment, etc.) a recall will be signaled by 3 blasts of an air horn or other signaling device as announced by the Race Director. The Starter acting in concurrence with at least one Selector shall have sole discretion to recall and restart the race. 

False start penalties shall be assigned in accordance with ICF Marathon Racing Rules (22). 

A $100 non-refundable deposit shall be due from any athlete offered a spot on the team within ten days of the announcement of team members. Failure to accept a spot on the team and provide the deposit within 10 days of the announcement of the team will be considered a declination of the spot. 

Selection of World Championship Team positions not filled after Trials. 

If any slots remain after the conclusion of Trials, the MSD may select additional athletes based on the following criteria: 
A petition from the single or doubles team must be received by the MSD prior to the start of Trials requesting permission to compete in a Time Trial for an identified team slot. 
Only slots not filled at Trials will be deemed an open slot. 

Athletes must submit a plan to the MSD for completion of a Time Trial on a date certain, competing over the distance required at the World Championships for their event, including all portages. The plan must include an identified course, with lap distances identical to those used at the World Championships and portage lengths the same as that used at the World Championships. The plan must be approved in advance by the MSD, prior to Trials. 

The Time Trial must be completed in the presence of a USACK official and one other adult objective observer. These individuals may not be the coach, relative, or otherwise engaged in a personal relationship with the athlete. Both individuals must be identified and approved by the MSD prior to the start of the Time Trial. 

The athlete/team must submit a GPS log of the course and time in which the Time Trial occurred. 

At the conclusion of the time trial the USACK official and other observer must certify to the Selection Committee the results /time of completion for the Time Trial, the fact they watched the full Time Trial, that they reviewed and agree with the GPS, and results of the Time Trial as accurate.